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How long does each therapy session take?

How many sessions  do people usually require?

How much is each session?

One hour.

The number of sessions depends on your needs. I recommend  10 sessions as a minimum in order for the counselling process to show effective changes.

The sessions cost £40.00 per hour. One of the sessions will be free of charge (more details of this will be given to potential clients). Reduced rate sessions are of limited availability. Privacy policy and  the counselling contract  will  be supplied to potential clients.

How does on- line therapy work?

Zoom - is an encrypted platform - meaning that it is difficult for it to be hacked into. I use a computer with up to date security and advise clients to do the same.  There have been reports that Zoom is easier to hack into if used on a mobile phone - so I advise clients to use secure computers. I work in building that only I occupy during therapy sessions. I keep doors and windows shut and have good sound proofing. Clients are advised to check that they are in a confidential space during their session also. 
Clients are advised that 'zoom' is best used on a secure computer with up to date security.

When I am contacted by a potential client I email  a copy of the 'Privacy Policy' to comply with General Data Protection Regulations and a 'counselling contract'.

I use  'Zoom' as an online platform. When I receive an email request (see contact form) from a potential client a convenient time for a 'zoom' session is agreed on. The client may need to download the free 'Zoom App' if they do not have it already on their device. I then send an email containing a link to the client which the client clicks on to enter the on - line session.

I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor. This means that I use various techniques from established methods. I am guided by the clients needs. For example It may be suitable to assist a client with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy style (CBT) and or psychodynamic techniques. Another client may for example have relating issues and need help with their attachment style. There are many techniques available, it depends on the needs of each client.

Is on-line therapy confidential?

what is your counselling style?

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