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Common Types of Therapy

Person - Centred/Humanistic

This approach revolves around what the client brings. The Counsellor provides 'unconditional positive regard' (non-judgmental) empathy and sincerity. This type of therapy can take longer than some other counselling as it works at the pace of the clients self - discovery and healing.


This approach was developed from psychoanalysis. It explores how past (especially childhood) experiences affect current feelings, thoughts and behaviours. The clients unconscious processes are brought into conscious awareness. This  facilitates the client to change unhelpful behaviour and so improve their quality of life.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (CBT)

This approach is used by the UK's NHS as it proved successful by the quantity of people reporting improvements after CBT treatment. The therapy challenges the clients unhelpful beliefs, thoughts and behaviours. As the therapy focuses on thoughts and behaviours - clients whose issues are triggered by their unconscious mind/automatic nervous system can find the therapy ineffective. Positive conscious thoughts are not always enough to manage unconscious automatic reactions. If CBT is combined with psychodynamic approach the therapy  becomes a powerful tool for healing.

CBT requires the client to 'try out' new ways of behaving and thinking in their life and report back at the next counselling session. This can bring about fast positive changes in the clients life.  

Integrative Counselling

This is the therapy I offer (specifically 'The Clarkson Five Relational Model')

As an 'Integrative Counsellor' I treat the client as a whole - taking experiences from their whole life into account. I am lead by the clients needs using person - centred and psychodynamic approaches. I use therapies (in the style of those mentioned above) that facilitate the clients awareness of behaviours and influences. Increasing awareness and providing useful psychological tools empowers clients in the areas of better relating with others and making good life choices.

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